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Electronic Asset Enablement
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We fill the void in the capital market by providing an alternative to the traditional approach of raising money via banks or venture capitalists.

Global Access

With strategic relationships with the likes of Bloomberg and JP Jenkins, private companies can now compete for capital on a global stage.

Invest in Vetted Companies

Only companies that meet our threshold will make it through our registration process. We’re not simply an open marketplace.

Electronic Enablement

Upgrade your company assets into the electronic world. Join the future of investing and be ahead of the game.
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About Us

Electronic Asset Enablement (EAE) is the online registration via the SBS portal for private companies who wish to raise funds by public listing. The portal gives private companies access to investors looking to buy their shares, without any of the normal rigmarole of a traditional IPO. Our system is designed to streamline the process of listing and dematerialising the shares in your company. With us, the process is simple.

Via Bloomberg and JP Jenkins, we have a network with global reach. We also have a sizable database of high net worth and sophisticated investors looking for investment opportunities.

Collectively, our team have decades of experience and knowledge in the financial and technology sectors. This makes us the only option you need for global recognition, shareholder liquidity, and fundraising opportunities.

We offer a route to market, your very own raising platform, and marketing on one of the world’s largest financial platforms, all in the click of a button. You want us on your side.

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